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How to File Refund Claim Application:PACL

 How to File Refund Claim Application:PACL 2019

Market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) had said the Justice RM Lodha Committee has decided to allow investors to file claims for PACL Ltd. The claim application for refund from PACL can be filed till 30 April 2019.

SEBI has created a separate website for accepting the claim forms from all investors of PACL who are seeking refund of their investment. To file the claim, the investor need to visit and submit her application. For submitting the claim, the investor needs to upload copy of her PAN card, latest passport size photo, copy of cancelled cheque, copy of PACL certificate and receipts, if any.

For investors who have changed their names or nominees of the investor, who is no more or incapacitated, SEBI says it will announce later a separate window for submission of claim applications. Such investors need to regularly check SEBI website or the PACL page on SEBI website  
Here are 17 frequently asked questions (FAQs) on submitting claim for refund from PACL. These FAQs are provided by SEBI.
1. Which web browser is to be used for this website?
The website works best with the latest version of Google Chrome browser.
2. What is the process for registration of my claim?
For registration, you need to enter your PACL registration number twice, mobile number and captcha code. On entering the details, an OTP would be sent to the mobile number entered during registration. Once the OTP is successfully entered and if the details submitted are in order, your registration would be successful. Upon successful registration, you may start the process of submitting your claim application.
3. How do I login to my claim application?
On successful registration, you would be guided to a password creation screen. You can create a password of your choice. The password should be between 8-16 characters and contain at least one upper case letter (a-z), one numeral (0-9) and one special character. On successful creation of password, subsequent logins would need to be done using your PACL registration number and password. 
4. What information do I need to submit in the claim application form?
You need to submit your name as per PACL certificate, the claim amount (in Rs.), name as per PAN, PAN number, your bank account number, bank name and IFSC code of the bank branch.
5. What are the documents that I need to upload?
You need to upload copy of your PAN, latest passport size photograph, copy of cancelled cheque with your name printed or banker’s certificate per the prescribed format available at on the letter head of the bank, copy of PACL certificate, and receipts, if any.
6. Can I exit even though I have partially filled up the claim application form?
Yes, you can exit the applicant by clicking on the logout button. The information entered by you would be saved when you click on ‘Save and Next’ option. You can come later and log in to finish your claim application. 
7. What is the format of the documents to be uploaded?
The documents can be uploaded in pdf, jpg or jpeg (photo) formats.
8. What should be the specifications of the documents being uploaded?
The documents uploaded should be on black and white scale, 200dpi and vertically aligned.
9. How do I know if my application is successfully submitted?
After completion of all the required formalities, you may click on the ‘Final Submit’ button, upon which a preview screen will appear for confirmation of the information entered by you on the web platform. Upon your confirmation of the information entered, the application would be successfully submitted and an acknowledgement receipt number (ARN) would be generated. 
This number along with the PACL registration number should be used for all future communication.
10. Can I delete or edit the information I have saved?
You can edit or delete the information multiple times till you submit your application by clicking on the ‘Final Submit’ button. However, once you have clicked on the ‘Final Submit’ button no further changes would be allowed.
11. What if I forgot my password?
Click on ‘Forgot Password’ option on this website. Enter the PACL registration number and click on generate OTP option. Enter the OTP received on your mobile number and click on submit OTP. Once the correct OTP has been submitted, you would be taken to the ‘Enter password’ screen where you can create a new password.
12. What if I do not have a PAN card?
You would need to obtain a PAN card and then submit the application?
13. How do I obtain a PAN card?
To obtain information on how to obtain a PAN card, click on the this link
14. What if I do not have a bank account where I am the first holder?
You can submit the bank account details where you are a joint holder. The cancelled cheque copy with your name printed or banker’s certificates per the prescribed format available at on the letter head of the bank also needs to be uploaded along with the claim application.
15. What if the PACL certificate holder has passed away? Can any nominee make the claim on behalf of such deceased investor?
In such a case, the claim application can be submitted by the nominee whose name appears on the PACL certificate. However, date for the submission of claim applications through nominees shall be notified in due course. 
16. What if my name has changed due to marriage?
The date for the submission of claim applications in your new name together with supporting documents shall be notified in due course. 
17. In case of queries or complaints, where can I contact?
In case of queries or complaints, please call the helpline number 022-61216966.

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